Effective Knowledge management requires combining smart technology, processes, various disciplines and people within projects and organizations. Bringing together these elements in a focused way should enable companies to reduce the so-called costs of ignorance. In this paper the authors will share their experience with building knowledge management programs in large International energy companies as well as DNV Gl. As an International company with 14.400 employees, 300 offices in 100 countries, it is extremely important to mobilize our "collective know-how" in an efficient & effective way. By doing so we are able to provide global services to our clients and contribute to a safe, smarter and greener energy sector. The paper will address the main drivers for knowledge management in the current energy market and explore the questions:

  1. How can we systematically learn from experience and data to improve and innovate operations? How can we become and stay a learning organization?

  2. How can we find the right balance between process, people and technology in knowledge management? Which disciplines should be engaged and work together to mobilize the knowledge potential in the company?

  3. How can we combine the collective know-how of our employees with the power of algorithms to build powerful platforms for learning, innovation and optimization?

  4. How to organize knowledge management in the most optimal way given the current market challenges?

The paper will discuss a systematic framework for knowledge management and illustrate the framework with practical examples from the Energy industry.

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