Background: India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and the 4th largest energy consumer globally. Currently, India has about 16,250 km of operational natural gas pipelines and has plans to add pipeline network of 15,000 km in its endeavour to creation of a natural gas grid across the country. India's natural gas consumption has increased from 35.7 BCM in 2005 to 50.6 BCM in 2015 at a CAGR of 3.23%.

Aims: This paper aims to highlight India's Natural Gas market outlook in light of the following key determinants:

  1. Impetus on dedicated freight corridors and Smart Cities

  2. Natural Gas "Green" Corridors along major highways

  3. CNG/LNG Fueled locomotives for Indian Railways

  4. CNG/LNG as fuel for Automotive including CNG as fuel for two-wheelers

  5. LNG supply through trucks to reach isolated demand centers

  6. Usage of NG/LNG as marine fuel

  7. Modern Applications of Natural Gas in Fuel cells, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) and District Cooling (DC)

  8. To explore the use of NG in Cold Storages and Food processing units with a view to cut down the wastage in storage, processing and transportation of food.

Methods: The paper will outline the policies, technologies and roadmap required to boost the Indian Natural gas market with a focus on following parameters:

  • Key enablers/drivers for the development of an all-round Natural Gas market in the country

  • Initiatives/developments likely to maximize the reach of Natural Gas

  • Newer applications of natural gas and their competitiveness with respect to alternative

Results: Considering the long term environmental and societal benefits of switching to a cleaner fuel, transforming India to a gas-based economy can become the backbone of India's sustainable economic development.

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