The Oil & Gas industry is undergoing a perfect storm. The traditional boundaries of the Oil & Gas industries are blurring and attracting new entrants on both ends of the value chain. The industry is re-imagining themselves and exploring new cost effective concepts for safe and reliable operation by using advanced technologies. The increasing interconnectivity of companies and businesses across the globe leads to an unprecedented exposure of assets and IT systems to the Internet. Information security is a race without a finish line. With frequent reports of security breaches and hacking of corporate data systems, security of company data and software systems is top of mind for most of the business leaders and decision makers. While this is vital in the vision of a new digital economy, this exposure of systems and data as globally available resources is also highly attractive to hackers. This interconnectivity opens the attack surface for cyberattacks in a way never seen before. Protecting digital infrastructures and assets against cyber-attacks will be critical for survival. Being a leading industry in the world, oil and gas companies that expand their business into the digital network will have to proactively look beyond individual security measures. Security needs to be addressed holistically, along the business processes of their organization - internal as well as those related to their customers and vendors, covering the entire supply chain. First and foremost, this implies focusing on the corporate security strategy.

This session will outline the following:

  • The evolution of the IT threat landscape and Cyber Security

  • Our security vision and strategy

  • Recommendations for a secure SAP environment

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