Purpose: This paper analyses Skill requirements of Oil & Gas Industry in India in the coming years. Further, it takes a look at the Talent Crisis looming large in Oil & Gas Industries in India and measures being taken to counter the challenges arising out of pending wave of retirements and competitive recruitment pressures from other industries. The paper also analyzes Female workforce participation in the Indian Oil & Gas Industry and a broad comparison is done with other Industries. The key issues related to women employees and mitigation strategies for the same are studied for other Industries and compared with that of Oil & Gas Industry.

Research Methodology: We studied 7–10 companies in various industries by approaching the HR Team Members of the said companies with a questionnaire to identify the various practices, degree of advancement of the practices and impact achieved. Overall industry ‘Advancement Level’ and Oil & Gas Industry ‘Advancement Level’ was arrived at for Practices targeted at attracting, retaining and developing women employees. We also assessed attractiveness of ‘Oil & Gas Industry’ amongst female students through a survey.

Findings: With continued shortage of skill, attracting women employees to this industry is a business imperative. Economic success and competitive advantage may depend on attracting and retaining women employees. Certain other Industries have achieved a significant edge over Oil & Gas Industry in terms of attracting and retaining women employees. Oil & Gas Industry needs to work on ‘Improving its Brand Perception’, ‘Reaching Out to Women Talent’ and implementing practices to facilitate women employees in achieving ‘Work-life Balance’ and ‘Career Growth’.


The paper gives a detailed view on areas of improvement for Oil & Gas Companies in India to be able to attract & retain women employees in this era of ‘War for Talent’.

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