The report is based on the data obtained as a result of consultancy services providing and Energy Management Systems development in accordance with the ISO 50001:2011 "Energy Management System requirements and guidance for use". We would like to note that the standard was introduced in 2011.

The report is presented by a leading specialist in EnMS development and implementation. The author's point of view is based on international experience in diagnostic audits of EnMS, the system elements development and implementation, trainings carrying out for top managers and employees of several industrial enterprises. The report has been developed under the case study principle, considering particular difficulties which can appear while EnMS implementation.

The author provides a brief insight into the history of ISO 50001 development, investigates the evolution of normative regulations, which have influenced EnMS implementation practice. The major part of the report is dedicated to the analysis of practical results for the problems solving, which occur before the system implementation. The author proves basing on the practical experience, that one of the most significant problems is related to the fact that Energy Efficiency is not integrated to the practice of day-to-day management in the enterprises.

Several years of experience in terms of EnMS implementation gives an opportunity to share the results of achieved economic effect, identify the most successful sectors and enterprises, which base their activity on systematic Energy Efficiency advancement. The author analyses the drawbacks, which did not allow other companies achieve meaningful results. The experience of Russian refineries and petrochemical companies shows that it is possible to decrease annual energy consumption by 2–5%. Such energy Efficiency values are quite comparable with the EU ones (2–3&$37;). To end up the report, the author provides information about perspectives for the 50000 series of standards development, stating targets and required changes in the area of energy management.

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