Ethics: a bedrock value for Total

Due to the nature of its activities, Total operates in a sensitive geopolitical environment, often affected by the weakness of certain host-countries' governance. This obliges the Group to pay specific attention to ethical-related issues, in particular with regard to upholding Human Rights, respecting human dignity at work, fighting against fraud and corruption, promoting financial transparency and preserving free competition. These issues require a strong ethical commitment from us all.

Notwithstanding States' duty to implement ethics, it is first and foremost a key requirement for companies. In this respect, strict compliance to laws and regulations is not enough. As a consequence, it is essential to add a moral dimension to addressing these issues. Ethics has to be everybody's concern within the company and each employee ought to feel personally and morally responsible towards stakeholders. It is the guarantee for better cohesion, stability and lasting relationships with our various contacts.

A tone from the top

Ethics is a bedrock value for Total. In its Code of Conduct, Christophe de Margerie, Total Chairman and CEO, affirms Total's commitment towards ethics. "Our growth and long-term viability depend on all of us embracing the ethical shared values and principles that motivate and guide our day-to-day undertakings."

Total ethical commitment is based on three core ethical values: respect, the source of sustainable, trust-based operations and relations; responsibility, towards others and in our jobs; and exemplary behaviour, which underpins the internal and external credibility of our actions and initiatives.

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