In recent years higher oil prices and energy conservation have forced a squeeze on operational costs whilst at the same time seeking more efficient and continuous running of refining units. This session will discuss in depth safety and measures to keep stable operations both in hard and software by applying lessons from practical experiences and risk assessment.

Operating a refinery with high availability and under complete control of work is a key issue for a successful economic future for each entity. Process integrity is a factor of outstanding importance for that. It must be ensured by different measures:

  • Risks evaluations/prioritization

  • Failure analysis

  • Material issues/corrosion control

  • Operation supervision and control

  • (Risk-based) inspections

  • Maintenance and turnarounds

Maintenance and turnaround planning, execution and control is key for success in terms of reliability and availability.

First of all best practices in maintenance will be addressed in the paper. These will cover statistics on failures, inspection items, online supervision, spare philosophy inclusive prioritization. The execution will be described, covering organization, warehousing and quality control.

In terms of turnarounds the paper will describe planning procedures, including their timing, support possibilities by third parties ("cold eye reviews"), contract strategies, the execution itself inclusive supervision and in depth quality control methods and all documentation necessities.

The final part of presentation will cover the implementation of Capital investment Projects into turnaround planning and execution both for grass roots and major revamp project. The later one is the "highest art" of TAR/project execution and very special care has to be taken for successful integration of both tasks. Advanced planning methods will be described together with "golden rules" for the execution, supervision, and quality control.

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