Emerging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trends represent the paradigm shift through the growing realization among the corporations to address to their adverse impact on the socio-economic structure in society impacting the gender divide, labor practices, the environment and disproportionate distribution of nutrition.

Despite the formulation of good governance practices, improved communication, information sharing and policy intervention of the geographically distributed firms, it is needed to find ways and means to develop micro solutions which could be implemented at the wide locations with the minimal customization to ensure creation of goodwill in the different environs.

This paper analyses the factors behind the successful and replicable intervention in the surrounding communities focused on the women folks with the end result to develop community entrepreneurship, micro financing solution led by internal groups and mitigating malnutrition & improving health through healthcare programmes.


There has been a growing belief and recognition that companies and businesses are social institutions caught in societal networks. Corporate Social Responsibility has become a necessary organizational behavioural conduct to gain legitimacy and the license to operate in and around a community environs. With the role of business in society so perceived, social expectations of what business should be doing for society are on the rise. In the present day context the governmental impetus and recognition of thrust areas has resulted into the Corporations and business enterprises in India having been involved in serving the community and the nation.

Companies like ONGC engaged in E&P Business create quite an impact not only in the terrestrial dimension but also in the socio economic space of community life. The meaningful endeavour to engage the local communities and the starting point exist in the need of these very communities. ONGC looks beyond the horizon of economic profit and it has moved proactively to leave a positive impact on social environmental landscape.

The societal outlook of Global Reporting Initiative also focuses on the impacts organizations have on the communities in which they operate, and how the organization's interactions with other social institutions are managed and mediated.

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