A lot of "Cold Heat" is lost or wasted in a LNG regasification plant. This paper refers to the application of Seebeck effect which states that, an EMF is generated across two ends of dissimilar metal kept at different temperatures. Liquid natural gas is transported at a temperature of almost - 165 C and after being received at LNG terminals it is re-gasified to Natural gas by mostly "Air heaters". Our attempt is to harness the temperature difference between such a cold LNG line and a hot end (like Flare's flue gas, compressor/pump lube oil or burning a small amount of fuel gas) to generate electricity using semiconductor thermopile. These thermopiles when attached in series and parallel connection forms a thermoelectric generator (TEGs) which is capable of producing a high DC power (units as high as 5000W has been already built). More of such circuits can be combined in various matrixes to harness a larger power output. This way we are utilizing the otherwise wasted energy, thus, reducing the outsourced energy demand for the plant. Also, it may generate CERs for the plant. The beauty of this process lies in the fact that such a process can partially replace a shell and tube exchanger used for re-gasification of LNG and in turn electricity is produced. TEGs also have an upper hand in lower life cycle cost and lower maintenance.

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