In 2010, ConocoPhillips Canada, Nexen Inc., Statoil Canada, Suncor Energy Inc. and Total E&P Canada signed a Charter agreement to launch the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI), an initiative committed to achieving significant improvement in their environmental, social and economic performance in developing Canada's world scale oil sands resource.

From the onset, OSLI was founded on a common understanding shared among member companies of the need to work together to meet the challenges of responsible development. The pillars that underpin OSLI are Collaboration, Innovation, Stakeholder Engagement and Deployment to the Field.

Today, the undertaking is a multimillion dollar endeavor with more than 30 projects aimed at aggressively addressing the challenges posed to the industry. OSLI involves more than 100 staff from the five companies, features the Government of Alberta as an active observer, and convenes advisory panels and critics that provide feedback on the activities.

The presentation will cover projects and initiatives as varied as its StartSmart program for primary school children in a remote First Nations community, open innovation sourcing for threatened species, a Faster Forests program to rebuild ecosystems and the design of a Water Technology Development Center directly linked to an operating site designed to accelerate technology development. The presentation will also cover the unique human aspects of taking five of Alberta's key producers with distinct cultures and aligning them to uphold their sustainability commitment.

Presenting OSLI at the World Petroleum Congress is aimed at connecting with other sectors of the petroleum industry that may share one or more of our challenges and, where there are shared challenges, at exploring areas of collaboration. Also of interest is identifying parties that have technologies or approaches that could assist OSLI in achieving its objectives.

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