This paper describes the latest R&D initiative from Petrobras, the PROCAP FUTURE VISION program. The objective of the program is to develop disruptive and innovative technologies to radically change the way we develop and produce oilfields offshore.

The PROCAP FUTURE VISION program has a portfolio of 19 projects, encompassing all the disciplines in the E&P area, but approaching each one of them in an innovative way by combining the use of disruptive technologies and exploring the positive synergies among them in this process.

A configurable FPSO - the "FUTURE FPSO"- with "plug and play" compact process equipment associated with subsea processing and power distribution is an example of such synergetic combinations.

There is an extensive degree of use of nanotechnologies in several projects, from developing nanostructured materials, nanosensors to assure system integrity, nanoparticles to improve recovery or to helps gather information from the reservoirs.

The use of augmented reality and robotics is being analyzed in the program as a way to reduce the number of crew members offshore, therefore enhancing safety and reducing logistic costs.

Laser drilling is a very promising area that together with riserless drilling and the use of sensors to monitor the well integrity and optimize production will significantly improve economics.

A study is being carried out to evaluate the economic impact of the combined use of all those technologies in a Pre-Salt field offshore Brazil. The qualitative results of this study will be presented.

As part of the overall strategy of the Company, Petrobras is assuring that not only the technology is developed in a timely manner but also with the early involvement of suppliers and service provides installed in Brazil to allow the fulfillment of local content requirements while developing technology locally in a competitive basis.

The paper will describe in detail the PROCAP FUTURE VISION program, the Strategy to execute the program and an evaluation of the benefits Petrobras expect to harvest from the application of those breaktrough technologies in an offshore development.

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