The principles of sustainable development address the issues of community engagement, development of local skills and protection of cultural values. Those are especially relevant in a nation such as Qatar with a small indigenous population but an appetite for large-scale resource and infrastructure development in a world-record timeframe.

This paper will present the framework and initiatives implemented by world-class LNG producer RasGas Company Limited, how the company structures and fulfills the expectations of social responsibility and how this fits with the State of Qatar's vision of a sustainable society.

The paper will first provide an introduction to the company and discuss how it has integrated the elements of sustainability into a cohesive corporate social responsibility programme, fully aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and essential to its strive for business excellence.

The company CSR framework includes four cornerstones providing long-term practical and financial support for community, education, environment and health programmes. Engaging the community with ideas of mutual benefit, the company is focusing on a proactive approach, pay-forward schemes, employee volunteer and skill transfer programmes. The paper will then present the proposal, design and implementation of a number of social activities across each cornerstone.

Finally a local perspective on global challenges and opportunities will be proposed introducing the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in social responsibility and sustainability performance and referencing available tools such as the ISO(1) 26000 Social Responsibility Standard, the Global Reporting Initiative and the IPIECA(3) Guidance on Voluntary Sustainable Reporting. Reference will also be made to the company's demonstrably successful HSE programs and how elements of these programs, relevant to the community, have been transferred.

While providing insights into the oil and gas industry in Qatar and the Middle East, the paper will apply to any company:

? seeking to successfully establish a comprehensive and coherent CSR framework integrated to its corporate management system;

? seeking to maximize community and employee benefits in the social initiatives it implements;

? seeking to utilize best practices in social responsibility and sustainability performance reporting.


  1. International Orgnanization for Standardization

  2. International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

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