Attracting and retaining people is a major challenge in our industry characterized by long term projects. It is also a diverse industry, with a mix of international cultures and generations.

Training has taken the opportunity of new digital ways of communication and the richness of internal expertise to change its methods in-depth. Bringing juniors to a common basement level of knowledge and sharing senior's experience is compulsory in our new integrated ways of working worldwide. Complex studies require multiple strong know-how and competencies.

From traditional class room with theoretical courses for a dedicated training period, Total has also developed a personalized internal apprenticeship with self and tutored remote training all along the career. Internal e-learning platform, tutored blended learning, delocalized courses give much more flexibility to trainees, while dedicated distant training rooms in high definition with recording facilities and tele-coaching give much more flexibility to trainers. Synchronous and asynchronous training sessions are made available thanks to this new equipment.

Such training management requires an efficient organization to follow up every individual needs for both technical and personal development all along the professional life. Applied cases, rich media facilities, collaborative tools are modern ways to diversify our training offer and requires a quality approach applied both to methodology and to pedagogical content.

Our "flexi-training" concept becomes more and more adapted to individual competency development with a new perception of time, location, tools and learning rhythms. It is a proven way to increase our professional efficiency and, there again, a measure to attract and retain people in a competitive environment.

In this communication, Total E&P will present an overview of its new training ways such as introducing interactive pads in the field courses, the use of a remote course studio and the development of e-learning and Blended Learning training.

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