The dual drivers of supply diversity and environmental pressures have led to a recent surge of activity in the search for alternative fuels products. This presentation will highlight the casestudy of Fischer-Tropsch derived Gas-to-Liquids products, following their development from the laboratory through to rig and engine tests and ultimately customer applications as significant volumes of GTL fuel will now reach and change the market for fuels, baseoil and chemical applications.

An overview will be presented of the key physical properties of GTL products, both in neat form for fuels and chemicals usage and blended with conventional fuels. The relevance of these properties to safe operation, value opportunities and their inter-dependencies and trade-offs will be highlighted.

Beyond fit-for-purpose properties and core research, initial results will be presented from a variety of test platforms including:

  • The world leading synthetic jet fuel research consortium of industrial partners and academia drawn together under the auspices of Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). In particular the investigation of the intrinsic benefits of synthetic paraffinic fuels in a range of state-of-the art combustion experiments have shown a reduction potential in fine soot particulate formation between 20%-70% depending on engine power settings, combustor design and GTL kerosene blend percentage.

  • Deriving the full potential of GTL fuel by detailing the development programme of an engine optimised and dedicated to the unique properties of GTL gasoil, building on well established emissions, infrastructure and cost benefits.

  • Showing the significant benefits of GTL Gasoil in Drilling Fluids, including bio-degradability, remediation possibilities as well as case studies on performance in wells.

The presentation will close by providing a glimpse of the future potential of GTL products in both chemicals and fuels applications.

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