The paper presents an overview of innovative technology and integrated RM concepts utilized in improving production and recovery in many fields. Three topics are covered. First, it presents the challenges faced when the inter-disciplinary team effort is not utilized, and the solutions implemented. Second, it describes the story of working together technically in a motivated management environment to optimize the asset value. Third, it documents the innovative use of various RM and EOR technologies such as: seismic, geo-statistics, reservoir characterization/simulation, horizontal/multilateral technology, various IOR and EOR techniques, targeted drilling to recover bypassed oil, facilities design to anticipate higher water and gas production, real-time RM, and innovative applications of these technologies.

Because of the complexities involved in making a primary, secondary, and EOR project successful, it is critical to adopt a team approach. It is realized that the opportunities for improving recovery through synergistic activities are numerous. An integrated RM approach can yield significant benefits and job satisfaction. The integrated team approach and the utilization of innovative use of technologies have resulted in significant increase in production and recovery. Best practices from these applications and challenges faced will be discussed.

There are business benefits to be derived from integrated RM for any field, including new, mature, onshore/offshore, carbonate/sandstone fields. To realize maximum benefits and recovery, both management and petroleum professionals have to play active roles. Management provides an environment for professionals to work together, and the synergy develops by working in integrated teams. When the professionals believe in and practice their skills and arts, not only individually, but also in an environment of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation, exceptional results occur. By implementing this approach, we have been successful in significantly increasing production and recovery in many fields, and motivating our professionals to utilize their talents for highest satisfaction.

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