The numerous consumption of fossil fuel is the main cause of global CO2 emissions. A fight between human and CO2 is inevitable in order to control CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to sustain human's society and economy. From the physical system viewpoint, the paper classifies CO2 emissions controlling means into two categories: Emission Source Control and Afterward CO2 Treatment. With respect to Emission Source Control, the paper analyzes energy system supply chain including primary energy exploration and production, transportation, conversion, delivery and storage, end-use equipment, and then figures out that all the efforts to increase efficiency and bring in low carbon elements in each section above, could cause CO2 mitigation, and a further emphasis is put on the energy conservation of enduse equipments and the reduction of end-use energy demand. All these effects could be realized through economic, mortal, policy means, etc. With respect to Afterward CO2 Treatment, methods include CO2 utilization and carbon capture and storage (CCS). The CO2 utilization will include both physical and chemical pathway, however, there is limitation on the CO2 mitigation scale by utilization. As a means of large scale CO2 mitigation, CCS will include CO2 capture, CO2 transportation and CO2 storage. The paper reviews the technical performances of each section of CCS pathway, and ongoing demonstration projects around the world. Conclusively, the paper considers CO2 mitigation a complex systematic program, to be realized by the combination of science and technology, economic, policy and social morality means, etc.

The fight between human and CO2 The enormous consumption of fossil fuels by human beings, since the industrial revolution, has been the primary source of global CO2 emission. More and more evidences prove that human activities induced CO2 emission is the cause of global climate change, directly or indirectly. Many abnormal phenomena in nature are considered related with CO2 emission, which is threatening human being's life. To keep living and developing, human beings must take measures to control CO2 emission, and a fight between human and CO2 is inevitable. The measures of controlling CO2 emission are with a considerable number, however from the physical system viewpoint, all the measures can be classified into two categories: Emission Source Control, and Afterward CO2 Treatment.

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