Congratulations, Spain!!! The 19th Congress has been an outstanding success in all of its dimensions. To Jorge Segrelles and all of his team, to the Executive Committee and Congress Programme Committee, to the chairs, vice chairs, moderators, speakers, volunteers, to our host and co-host and all the sponsors, my sincere thank you for your dedicated efforts.. Now I have the overwhelming task of trying to summarize the past 5 days' activities in 5 minutes.. But before doing that, allow me to reflect back 3 years ago when the WPC was faced with the task of developing a theme and identifying the key topics that would be discussed at this Congress.. The risk of course, is will the theme and topics be relevant in 3 years?. As a tribute to the Programme Committee and the Executive Committee's foresight, we have just witnessed a technical programme that indeed does reflect today's realities in the petroleum industry.. And now for the highlights:. When the programme for the 19th WPC was prepared we considered that success would have been achieved if the conference brought together all key stakeholders in a constructive discussion covering four areas: 1. the ways to ensure delivery of energy, in a reliable, affordable, environmentally acceptable and socially responsible manner;

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