Main consumption drivers How will the high oil prices impact economies? · US$ vs. Other currencies · Will the final product prices in developing countries reflect the international markets oil prices? How will market respond to the increase on demand? From the supplier side Investment on incremental supply will depend on taxation, technology and economical alternatives but global oil industry needs a cushion on capacity (more effective spare capacity) From the consumer side ........... The enerqetic efficiency plays a very important role and the consequences are: substantial savings of energy and greenhouse gases, benefits for the safety and reliability in the supply of energy and improvement on the business competitiveness

The role of Regulatory Commissions (RC)
Main RC characteristics

  • Independency

  • High technical skills

  • Coordination among agents

Instruments to apply

  • Regulation

  • Market supervision

Topics to be covered by RC

  • Promote efficiency

  • Enforce regulatory harmonization

  • Encourage best available technology

  • Make effective market supervision

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