Oil and gas activities have strongly grown in Africa in the past decade thanks to the progress of technology and a new environment characterized by new incentive policies, interstate agreements opening new acreage, new comers, a rapid move to the deep waters in the Gulf of Guinea and the development of gas resources.

These changes have led to significant results as identification of new petroleum plays in frontier areas, the development of a world class deep water province in West Africa, the rapid growth of gas infrastructures in North Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea.

TOTAL has had a long and strong upstream presence in the area. During the past years, Africa has significantly contribute to the increase of Production of the Company which is the highest rate among the majors. These recent and future growth is supported by an exceptional portofolio of oil and gas projects focused on:

  • Development of deep offshore and shelf discoveries, particularly in Angola Nigeria and Libya;

  • Optimizing the rentability of producing fields by implementation of multiskill projects dealing with valorisation of additional resources, redevelopment of fields, cost reduction programme and supported by adapted R & D programmes;

  • Valorization of gas resources by expansion of the LNG business in the Gulf of Guinea and participation in integrated projects in North Africa;

  • Maintaining a high level of exploration both in mature basins and frontier areas by developing "new thinking" and new technologies.

These successful operations and the growth perspectives induce an active sustainable development policy integrating social and environmental contributions.


Oil and gas activities have grown strongly in Africa in the past decade, thanks to technological progress and to a renewed environment featuring new incentive policies, interstate agreements opening up new acreage, newcomers, a rapid move towards the deep waters of the Gulf of Guinea and the development of gas resources.

As a longstanding player in the African oil and gas sector, Total today ranks as the leading international producer in Africa, with production exceeding 810,000 boe per day (Group share). The sustained growth in the Group's production of oil and gas - the highest rate amongst the majors - reflects its capacity to meet the challenges of new environmental as well as technological territories.

Total currently has E&P activities in 9 counties all over the Continent, both in Saharan Africa (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Sudan) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and Nigeria).Production is concentrated in the Gulf of Guinea - which accounts for nearly 80 %of daily output - and Northern Africa (Algeria and Libya). Exploration activities have remained at a consistently high level in the aforementioned countries, will be resumed in Sudan, and are initiated in Mauritania. Each activity offers new evidence of the Group's commitment to make a sustainable contribution to development in countries that choose Total as their partner. Total can only ensure the sustainable growth of its operations by protecting people and the environment in every facet of its activities.

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