The entity most fit to pursue export expansion projects of Russia is the Russian oil pipeline monopoly - JSC Transneft. Throughout all of these eight years the Company has been actively soliciting its ability to perform this coordinating role and succeeded in establishing itself as a key player in most of the proposed export expansion projects.

Evaluation of the risk level and other factors is always based upon the opinions of experts and decision-makers. Here we witness the same situation that arises during the selection of corporate strategies or various business development ideas. For the last three years JSC Transneft has been using a new information technology for the preparation and enactment of decisions, which makes it possible to accumulate and compare all available information on competitive pipeline construction and expansion projects, rank them and combine, where necessary, evolving solutions at every stage of decisionmaking.

The basis of this technology are custom made logical expert analysis information systems. A unique logical sequence for the analysis of conflicting ideas of major actors, evaluation of the significance of the objectives, the level of influence of each factor, risk, restriction, etc., is developed for each specific problem. There is a special software (expert analysis system generator), which initiates an interactive interrogation of an expert and processes the input data on the basis of the logical scheme, entered by the user.

The template of the logical scheme looks like the so-called "dominance hierarchy". This procedure can be applied to one of the long-term export expansion projects - Phase 2 of the Baltic Pipeline System. This project targets increasing oil export from the Timan-Pechora region, as well as partial re-orientation of existing oil flows from West Siberia and the Volga-Urals region (including export of a portion of Kazakhstan production).


oil export routes: Northern Baltic, Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean, Joint Stock Company (JSC) Transneft Central European and East Siberian. JSC is a state owned enterprise that runs the Transneft ranks investment projects on entire system of trunk oil pipelines of the basis of production projections and Russia. More than 99% of crude oil market assessment. The opposite is true produced in the Russian Federation is as well: pipeline expansion projects delivered to the domestic and export influence investment decisions, which, in markets via this system. their turn, bring about changes in oil JSC Transneft is pursuing production, refining and export balances. improvement of utilization of four major 124


For the last three years JSC efficiency of t

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