Perovskite-based catalysts appear to be promising for high-temperature combustion of hydrocarbons due to their reasonable stability in reaction conditions. This paper considers the factors determining performance of bulk and corundum supported monolithic perovskite catalysts in the reactions of methane catalytic combustion. Systems based upon lanthanum manganite were shown to be very efficient in the autothermal flameless combustion of such fuels as methane, propane-butane, alcohol, aromatics etc. with a low CO and NOx content in the flue gases. These systems demonstrate also a reasonably good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, thus making them attractive as an alternative to traditional flame combustion, which is characterized by a great amount of toxic components in the exhausts. cobaltites of lanthanum and their solid


solutions are usually considered as being among the most active compounds. It is worth The catalytic combustion of gas or mentioning that reliable data on the specific liquid fuels is one of the ways to reduce the catalytic activity of perovskites tested as formation of CO, NO monoliths are nearly absent [3]. x and to improve the energy saving. Recently, a considerable For any practical wide-scale attention has been attracted to perovskites as application, the price of catalyst has to be catalysts of various high temperature processes reasonably low. To meet this demand, simple, due to their high activity, thermal stability and wasteless and inexpensive method of poison resistance [1]. Within the current perovskites synthesis via the mechanochemical concept of the multiple bed design of activation of solid reagents appears to be combustion chambers (i. e. for gas turbine attractive [4]. To decrease expenses further, a application) [2], perovskites can be used in the mixture of commercially available lanthanides middle section to support combustion of the oxides containing mostly lanthanum and air+ fuel mixture ignited by more active cerium or Dy-Y could be used. For some supported Pd catalysts. For processes requiring perovskites, such substitution of lanthanum for a low pressure drop across the catalyst bed, cerium is known to increase the catalytic bulk or supported honeycomb monolithic activity. p

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