The technology is used in the Toumasian deposit of high-viscosity oil of the Mishkinskoye field. The oil pool is represented by massive natural reservoir with formation thickness of carbonate reservoirs ranging from 4 to 40 meters. The thermal polymer flood process using 7-spot pattern has been introduced for this productive formation since 1980-s, which made it possible to achieve high current oil recovery of 42 - 43 %.

With the purpose of re-extraction of Brief description of oil fields residual resources, a novel technology ensuring the continuation of injection of in Udmurt Republic hot polymer solution and further development of the formation by means of horizontal bores system, i.e. new ho- 103 oil fields discovered rizontal wells and horizontal side-tracks 32 fields brought on stream from noncommercial, highly waterencroached producers, has been applied 79.5 % of the explored reserves involved in in this field since 1994. development Geological knowledge of Udmurt Republic As a result, the productivity of newly territory – 66.0 % drilled wells has been enhanced essen- 78 % of oil reserves under development are tially, by 3 - 4 times, and the confined to carbonate reservoirs; 22 % to "rejuvenation" of noncommercial well terrigenous reservoirs stock has been achieved in parallel with the increase of oil withdrawal rate and More than 70 % of total oil reserves in recovery ratio. Udmurt Republic fall under the category of hard-to-recover oils with increased (from 10 The performed analysis and calculations to 30 mPa·s) and high viscosity (more than show that, in the conditions of carbonate 30 mPa·s) in structurally complex reservoirs. reservoirs containing high-viscosity oils, the integrated technology of development will enable to increase ultimate oil recovery up to 50-52%, as compared to 25-27% with the traditional technology of cold water injection. 180 Integrated Technology of High-Viscosity Oil Fields Development Chutyrsko-Kiengopsky field Geological and lithological section of Bashkirian stage and Vereiskian horizon 181 Integrated Technology of High-Viscosity Oil Fields Development Mishkinsky field Geological section of Tournasian stage deposits · Oil reservoirs 43.5 m. tonnes · Oil viscosity 78 mPa·s · Well pattern 250 ? 250 m · Reservoir depth 1320 m 182 Integrated Technology of High-Viscosity Oil Fields Development Technology of Thermal Polymer Flood (TPF) TPF - a new highly efficient technology to develop high viscosity oil reservoirs, based on a combination of effects such as polymer flooding and thermal drive ·The basic advantages of TPF technology ·Can obtain 45 % ultimate oil

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