Kuwait Oil Company Oilfields stretch from the Iraqi border in the North to Saudi Arabian borders in the South & West. Burgan the 2nd largest field in the world is located in South East of Kuwait. Since the first discovery 50 years ago, the production from these fields was initially managed by BP/Gulf Oil. Since March, 1975 the fields have been operated and managed by Kuwait Oil Company.

In order to manage and economically operate the field KOC has always concentrated effort to maximize the production by installation of new facilities, debottlenecking and upgrading the existing facilities (GC's, DD Plants & Booster Station) and carrying out modifications for production enhancement. Since the normalization of the production facilities after the invasion, KOC has embarked upon a comprehensive program for optimizing the production facilities in order to minimize the field operating cost. As a first step in this direction, all operational areas were explored through formation of multi-disciplinary operational area teams for identifying the main cost drivers resulting in numerous instances where savings could be realized. This was followed by UYY AL-YIWDCY SUND PRODUCING FIELDS Sketch I. Oilfields. State of Kuwait.

Proceedings of the 15th World Petroleum Congress 0 1998 The Executive Board of the World Petroleum Congress Published by John Wiley & Sons 551 552 METHODS AND METRICS FOR TRACKING PROGRESS IN REDUCING COSTS cl 214 Sketch II. Process flow diagram, dehydration and desalting plant. formation of Cost Optimization Steering Committee (COST) entrusted with the task of implementing the cost savings.

This paper presents steps taken to improve upon the existing facilities for production maximization through plant debottlenecking and process optimization. It also highlights case histories where savings were realized by improving operating practices and orientating employees on major operation issues.


During the invasion most of the oil and gas processing facilities in the fields were destroyed. Immediately after the liberation KOC embarked upon a massive well extinguishing exercise and rehabilitation program for restoring the production facilities (GCs and BSs) and to bring the country's main source of income back on to its feet. GCs and BSs were rehabilitated on a fast track basis. Some of the damaged facilities beyond repair, were not restored, and all un-damaged machinery and equipment at such locations in the fields were cannibalized and utilized elsewhere to facilitate rehabilitation. KOC was able to achieve the desired level of production with the dedicated efforts of its employees and with major participation of reputable International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Bechtel.

However, in order to maximize the production output at an economical level

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