The policy of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) on environmental conservation states that the Company will protect the environment, prevent pollution and minimize any impact that may arise from its activities. To assist this objective, oil field development in PDO includes several initiatives to minimize the impact on the unique desert environment, including its renewable natural resources and landscape heritage.

Activities which involve physical/mechanical impact on the environment such as facilities and road construction, pipeline excavation and drilling sites preparation are regulated by guidelines for earth moving operations. The guidelines have the prime objectives to minimize impact. For seismic operations, the company conducts its own internal environmental impact assessment. This initiative follows from the realization that the seismic surveys can cause some unnecessary damage to the desert environment. In drilling, slim hole design technology has been implemented to reduce costs but it also at the same time reduces waste production and minimize disposal volumes of the drilling fluid. The company is also evaluating new technology to further reduce waste e.g. by converting drilling mud into cement by using slag. Deep disposal injection of produced water into the source reservoir will become a standard practice aimed at safeguarding the shallow groundwater resources. Water production is also gradually being reduced by drilling horizontal wells and by chemical water shutoff. Other environmental initiatives implemented in field development plans includes identifying local landuse practices, mapping biological resources and ecological sensitive areas.


TO PDO ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN The policy of Petroleum Development (PDO) on environmental conservation states that the company will protect the environment, prevent pollution and minimize any impact that may arise from its activity.

To maintain this policy PDO has introduced an Environmental Management Plan. This plan addresses the major environmental issues and sets an action plan, that needs to be cascaded to the Corporate Units: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Housekeeping; Desert Clean-up Production Water Management Gaseous Effluents Energy and Gas Conservation Soil Protection Waste Management Chemicals Management Freons and Halons Earthmoving Abandonment and Restoration In consequence, environmental conservation is best served by minimizing the impact of operations and facilities, especially those which are seen as temporary. Some of the action plans are already covered by guidelines and manuals. The notes presented below are examples in which some of the cooperate units are pursuing.

PLAN IMPLEMENTATION AND INITIATIVES Production Water Management PDO Cooperate units have ta

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