will rise from 350 parts per million, the present level, to 700 parts per million in 2100. Combined with It is a great honour to address an international other gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, conference of such magnitude. Before I begin my the Earth's temperature is expected to rise between remarks, I would like to express my sincere gratitude 1.5 and 5.5 OC. to the staff of the World Petroleum Congresses for This is expected to cause a 30 to 110 cm rise in the their outstanding efforts, which have ensured the ocean level and a 7 to 15% increase in rainfall. success of this conference.

Naturally, such drastic environmental changes will Today, I will speak on the theme: The Environendanger living conditions on the planet. In other mental Challenge Facing the Petroleum Industry. words, mankind is confronting a problem the likes of In recent years, environmental concerns have capwhich it has never seen before. tured attention worldwide. Among these concerns, I believe that it is the responsibility of all who have the four most pressing are: enjoyed a pleasant global environment so far to destruction of the ozone layer due to CFCs - maintain and preserve the, planet for future generacid rain - ations. It is from this viewpoint that I will approach - deforestation today's subject. - and ‘global warming’ resulting from emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases. 3. SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE When pondering over which of these four environ- GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM mental issues to address today, I was struck by the Now let us shift the focus of our discussion and word ‘challenge’ in the title of this speech. As talk about some of the special characteristics of the members of the petroleum industry, we are insepara- global warming problem. bly involved with the emissions of carbon dioxide, The most significant characteristic of global methane, and other gases. Thus, we as an industry warming is that it remains scientifically unproven yet must play a leading role in challenging the problem that an increase in carbon dioxide levels causes the of global warming. Earth to warm.

Accordingly, in my speech today, I would like to As you know, there are many researchers who relate my opinions on this worldwide problem. believe that there is a direct relationship between an increase in carbon dioxide levels and global 2. WHY IS THERE A NEED TO warming, but this relationship has not been estab-DISCUSS GLOBAL WARMING ? lished completely. For example, there are theories First of ail, I would like to consider why global that claim the Earth's temperature undergoes cyclical warming has become a topic of debate around the changes due to solar activity. Although I personally world. believe that there is a cause and effect relationship, Although I might seem to be exaggera

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