The paper deals with the present concepts of the mechanism of action of detergent and anti-oxidant additives to motor oils and with the results of investigations providing a more detailed knowledge in this field.

In the study of detergents particular attention was given to succinimides and compositions prepared on their basis.

The mechanism of action of anti-oxidants of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate type has been studied. Work was carried out to investigate the products of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate reaction with hydroperoxides and their effect on hydrocarbon oxidation process.

The effect of thiolic sulphur on the anti-oxidant properties of zinc dialkyldithiophosphates has been established.

Some regularities in the depletion of succinimide, zinc dialkyldithiophosphate and bis-phenol additives were observed.


Le rapport expose les concepts actuels du mécanisme d'action des additifs détergents et anti-oxydants pour les huiles moteurs ainsi que les résultats des études précisant les connaissances dans ce domaine.

Au cours des études des détergents l'attention particulière fut prêtée aux succinimides et aux compositions préparées à leur base.

Le mécanisme d'action des anti-oxydants du type de dialkyldithiophosphate de zinc fut étudié.

Les travaux furent accomplis pour investiguer les produits de la réaction de dialkydithiophosphate de zinc avec les hydroperoxides et leur effet sur le procédé d'oxydation des hydrocarbures.

L'effet du soufre thiologique sur les propriétés antioxydantes des dialkyldithiophosphates de zinc fut établi.

Une certaine régularité de l'épuisement des additifs à la base de succinimide, de dialkyldithiophosphate de zinc et de bis-phenol a été observée.

The demand for additives improving the properties of motor oils is rising from year to year. At the same time extended studies are being conducted on an ever broadening scale aimed at the investigation of the effect of various additives and packages on the performance of motor oils. Among the studies those aimed at clearing up the specific action of particular additives are of significant importance. Additives of new types and the mechanism of their action, behaviour of these additives in formulations with other components.


attract particular interest. ACTION mitting a considerable increase in engine oil life, Over the past 3-4 years many reports on the mechanism of detergent additive action have been published in the literature. Several reviews consider the main functions of detergent additives of different A. B. VIPPER, Dr., A. M. KULIEV, Acad., composition and briefly characterise their specific action.' -4 A number of articles deal with the analysis of experimental data in detail. -

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