Economical and technological characteristics of the plasmochemical pyrolysis of hydrocarbons might surpass those of existing processes and may be improved still more. The application of plasmochemical pyrolysis enables miniaturization of technological equipment.

The process is stable and may be completely automatically controlled. It may be accomplished in various versions, depending upon economical and local conditions and industrial requirements. It allows the use of any hydrocarbon as feedstock: gaseous (methane, propane-butane etc.), liquid (gasoline, crude oil etc.), solid (oil, shale etc.).

Plasmochemical technology is the future of the chemical industry.


La pyrolyse plasmochimique des hydrocarbures surclasse par indices technico-économique tous les procédés existants et laisse envisager dès maintenant de nouveaux perfectionnements, La pyrolyse plasmochimique permet de miniaturiser les appareils de génie chimique. Elle se prête facilement à l'automatisation et à I'optimalisation. Cette pyrolyse est stable et peut être réalisée en versions variées suivant les conditions économiques et géographiques et conformément aux besoins de l'économie; le procédé transforme tous genres d'hydrocarbures; gazeux (méthane, mélanges éthane-propane et propane-butane, etc.), liquides (essences, gas-oil, huile brute, etc.) et solides (schistes bitumineux).

La chimie des plasmas est l'avenir de l'industrie chimique.

The fundamental principles of plasmochemistry advanced and elaborated by the present author27. 30 gave birth to a new field of chemical technology, viz., plasmochemical technology. Plasmochemical pyrolysis processes of hydrocarbon stock (natural gas, gasoline, etc.) are important specific applications of this novel technology. The basic principles of these processes, thermodynamics, kinetics and various technological aspects included, are described with reference to the results obtained on a laboratory scale, as well as in experimental and pilot-plants.1-30 My report at the Seventh World Petroleum Congressi0 was also devoted to these processes. The present report will not deal with the results published earlier.

General characteristics of plasmochemical pyrolysis of hydrocarbon stock. The parameters of natural gas plasmochemical pyrolysis (affects C-H bonds only) differ essentially from those of higher gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon feedstock pyrolysis (both C-C and C-H are affected).

This dissimilarity shows itself in the technical and economical characteristics of these processes. A by L. S. POLAK, Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the U.S.S.R.. Academy of Sciences, Leninsky Prospect 29. Moscow, U.S.S.R. number of reports are devoted to a plasmochemical process for producing acetylene from natural gas. The process of natural gas electrocracking directly in an electric discharge was the first to be

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