Review has been made of recent progress, mostly since 1960 but with a few references dating to 1957, in the direct usage of petroleum products in building materials and allied fields, including waterproofing and coatings. As would be expected, the compositions relate primarily to asphaltic-bitumen. Sections of the review are: roofing; fiber and particle board; structural building material; flooring; waterproofing and sealing adjuncts to building construction; and protective coatings. (The latter include protective coatings for concrete and pipe coatings, as well as the more general protective coatings.) Steady advance has been made in the formulation of various compositions and upgrading of products for such uses as by addition of synthetics, as well as in better understanding of the properties and behavior of petroleum products. References are given for each of these fields.

Buildings have certain basic aspects which in a general way can be thought to consist of physical structure, weatherproofness, utility and aesthetics. Structure involves strength and design. Weatherproofing repels the elements, and contributes to lasting qualities. Utility is measured by the effective utilization and occupancy of a building. Aesthetics, of course, is one's own sensation of beauty evoked by the overall appearance of an architectural creation. Throughout the years, petroleum products have contributed very substantially and directly to all of these aspects. As instances, by addition of asphaltic bitumen to the fiber-water furnish, improved strength and waterproofness are imparted in manufacture of fiber board used as sheathing or roof insulation; bitumen is used as a waterproof coating to hold the colored granules which beautify and protect roofings and sidings from weathering.

While there have been few recent spectacular break-throughs in the building uses of petroleum pro by Dr. A. J. HOIBERG, The Flintkote Company, Whippany, New Jersey, U.S.A.

L'article fait tat des progrs rcents raliss quant l'utilisation des drivs du ptrole pour l'tanchit des toitures, les revtements de tuyaux, les revtements industriels de protection et l'application des bitumes de ptrole dans les industries de traitement. Relevons notamment les tanchits de toitures en asphalte; les revtements extrieurs isols l'asphalte les panneaux structuraux en fibre agglomre; les papiers lamins, revtus et saturs l'asphalte; et le briquettage. ducts, their applications have expanded and new formulations and combinations have become possible because of the high adaptability of petroleum products to processing and blending with synthetics. This review relates principally to advances since 1960, with a few references back to 1957, and covers roofing, board products, flooring, waterproofing and protective coatings. Note should be made that the terms "Asphalt", "Asphaltic bitumen" and

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