The report deals with trends in turbodrilling - the Much attention is being paid to the development of botbasic drilling technique in the USSR. tom-hole electrodrills.

As a result of increased average, depths of oil wells all over Extensive work is being done to improve electrodrilling the USSR, (drillers are faced with the problem of increasing systems, which will result in considerably wider application the rates of penetration per bit travel at sufficiently high of this technique in the near future. cutting speeds.

The problem can be solved by selecting optimum relationships between torques and bit revolutions because rock bits available cannot ensure sufficiently long operation at Résumé%. La communication traite des tendances dans la horsepowers developed in modern turbodrilling equip- technique du turbo-forage, qui est la principale méthode ment. utilisée en URSS.

The progress in turbodrilling is going along two lines: Etant donné que les profondeurs moyennes de forage en 1 - Combined operation of turbodrills (with turbines URSS se sont accrues, les foreurs doivent s'efforcer d'augcharacterized by a pressure curve falling towards menter l'avancement par entraillement, tout en maintenant the braking point) and axial mud pumps having des vitesses de forage assez grandes. flexible performance characteristics. Puisque les rock-bits dont on dispose actuellement ne sont 2 - Increasing the number of stages in standard sectional- pas à même de permettre une durée de fonctionnement turbodrill turbines, simultaneously decreasing their ossez longue, quand on leur transmet la puissance usuelle production and maintenance costs. dans le turbo-forage moderne, la solution du problème est The first trend leads to developing turbodrills having per- possible en établissant des rapports optimum entre les formance characteristics enabling (in case of adequate voleurs du couple et le nombre de révolutions du trépan. torques) to obtain a speed range of 40 to 300 r.p.m. with Le perfectionnement du forage à la turbine est réalisé suislightly lower horsepower on the turbodrill shaft. vant deux directions: The second trend leads to developing turbodrills having En utilisant des turbines pour forages, dont la courbe a speed range of 300 to 500 r.p.m., also at adequate de pression baisse vers le point de freinage, en comtorques. Such turbodrills ensure greater horsepower. binaison avec des pompes à boue axiales, dont les Much work carried out along these lines resulted in the performances sont caractérisées par une grande development of certain types of turbodrills. Adequate test- flexibilité. ing in oil wells at various depths proved the efficiency of En augmentant, dans les turbo-foreuses à sections, the turbodrills in question. le nombre d'étages #des turbines standard, réduisan

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