Petroleum exploration that was instigated on Résumé%. La recherche du p étrole dans la péninsule de the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska in 1955 resulted in the Kenai en Alaska, entreprise en 1955, a conduit à la dé- discovery of amajor oil field in 1957, and amajor gas field couverte de deux gisements de premi ère importance, l ‘un in 1959. The Swanson River oil field and the Kenai gas de p étrole brut en 1957, l 'autre de gaz en 1959. Des field produce from sandstone reservoirs in the 25,000- gisements de brut de Swanson River et de gaz de Kenai f oot Tertiary non-marine Kenai formation. Both fields are sont constitués par des gr ès tertiaires continentaux de on closed anticlinal structures which were mapped with 25.000’ de la formation Kenai. Les deux champs sont the reflection seismograph. The oil is presumed to be sur des structures anticlinales ferm ées qui ont été mises derived from the subjacent marine shale of the Mesozoic en évidence par r éflexion sismique. On suppose que le Matanuska geosyncline. The gas is presumed to originate brut provient des schistes marins sous-jacents du synw ithin the Kenai formation of the Tertiary Cook Inlet clinal mésozoïque Matanuska. Le gaz proviendrait de la basin. Continued exploration activity in the 16,000 square formation tertiaire Kenai de l 'estuaire de Cook. La pourm ile Cook Inlet area should result in the discovery of suite de l'exploration dans les 16,000 miles carr és de la several more major oil and gas fields from the Kenai r égion de l'estuaire de Cook devrait aboutir à la découf ormation and, possibly, from reservoirs in the uncon- verte de plusieurs autres gisements importants de p étrole formably underlying marine Mesozoic strata. et de gazdans la formation Kenai et peut ê tre dans les ré- servoirs des niveaux mésozoïques marins sous-jacents.

Introduction ing and abandonment of several other tests on the Alaska Peninsula; the 1903-1933 discovery, devel-The Cook Inlet area of Alaska (Figure 1) is now opment, and abandonment of the Katalla oil field a producer of petroleum. Therefore the geography, in the southeastern Alaska; and the 1944-1953 exgeology, and economics of this production affect ploration, discovery, and shut-in of three uneconoexploration activities in all of Alaska and, to some mic oil fields and two uneconomic gas fields on the extent, affect the petroleum industry in general. Arctic Slope of Alaska (figure 1). Since 1957 these Exploration of the Kenai Peninsula in 1955 culmin- and other areas, especially the Cook Inlet area, ated in the oil discovery in 1957, which initiated have been and are being actively explored by surthe present high rate of petroleum exploration in face geologic mapping, magnetic, gravity and seis-Alaska. This oil production is helping to supply the mic surveys, and by test drilling.

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