The report deals with the economic fundamentals of search for and exploration of oil and gas in the USSR and the principles of determining oil exploration efficiency; changes in the economics of oil exploration in that country during the post-war period are analysed.

The essence 'and fundamentals of rational development of oil fields are stated and information on the changes in the economics of oil production in the USSR due to advanced methods of oil field development, as well as the basic methodological points of planning oil production growth are given.


La présente communication décrit les bases économiques des travaux de prospection de réserves de pétrole et de gaz en URSS, les principes Ide la détermination de l'efficacité économique de la prospection des gisements d'huile. On fait l'analyse du progrès obtenu dans I'économie des travaux géologiques et de prospection en URSS dans la période d'après-guerre.

Les auteurs mentionnent les principes de l'exploitation rationnelle des gisements d'huile en URSS et communiquent des données sur le progrès de l'économie de l'industrie pétrolière soviétique en rapport avec l'amélioration des méthodes de l'exploitation. Enfin la communication donne quelques renseignements SUT les principes essentiels de la planification de l'accroissement de la production de pétrole.

I Oil and gas deposits as well as all other natural resources in the U.S.S.R. are public wealth which is used according to plan to increase the country's economic potential and speed up its economic development.

Nature has not equally endowed all the countries of the world with minerals. The Soviet experts estimate the prospective area of sedimentary deposits where oil and gas accumulation is possible throughout the world to be 29.4 million sq.km, of which the U.S.S.R. accounts for 11.3 million .sq.km, the U.S.A. - for 4.3 million sq.km and the other countries - for 13.8 million sq.km.

Search for commercial oil and gas deposits is part of material production which provides the resouroes to develop the oil and gas industry and * Authors' Biographies vide last page establishes an effective structure of the fuel balance in the country. Due to certain peculiarities, among them uneven spacing of oil and gas reserves and their accumulation at a great depth below the surface, the discovery of commercial reserves and their exploration involve considerable labour requirements.

Annual capital investments in oil and gas exploration in the U.S.S.R. have reached a considerable amount during the last years - over 500 million roubles - and tend to grow further. In the U.S.A. 2 billion $ are invested in oil and gas exploration annually. However, high degree of oil and ga

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