Important research and debelopment work has been carried out during the past four yeare in all branches of well logging, and much progress has been achieved.

  1. The Induction-Electrical Log (a combination of SP, 16" Normal and 5FF40 Induction Log) has been introduced as a commercial tool for logging in fresh mud. The present standard Induction Log is being improved to permit deeper radial investigation. The Laterolog has been remodeled to be run simultaneously with the Induction Log. The Proximity Log, a new tool for recording the resistivity of formations close to the wall of the hole, has been designed.

  2. The interpretation of the Electrical Log has been refined by means of mathematical and laboratoi7 studies and field log analyses.

  3. The methods of Gamma Ray and Neutron Lagging have been improved by the development of better tools, by the use of more accurate calibration procedures, and of interpretation charts based on laboratory determinations. A new tool, thc Density (Gamma-Gamma) Lag has proved promising for the evaluation of porosity. Active research and testing have been carried out on gamma ray spectral analysis and artificial neutron generation in bore-holes.

  4. The Short Interval Sound Velocity Log has become a standard tool. It has proved its outstanding value for correlation, for porosity determinations and for the interpretation of seismic surveys.

  5. Combination toois, whereby two or more operations can be performed in one single run in the hole, have been made available: Induction-Electrical Log; combination of Sonic Log and Gamma-Ray or SP logs; combination of Laterolog, Gamma Ray and Neutron Log; Gamma Ray-Perforator.

  6. Progress in Mud Lagging has been marked by improvements of the hot wire technique, and the use of mans spectrometry, infra-red spectrometry and gas chromatography.

  7. Widespread application has been made of the Formation Tester, a new tool operating on logging cable for the recovery of formation fluids from the wall of the hole.

  8. Attempts hate leen made to use tbc modern eiectronic computers as an aid in the interpretation of log data.


La diagraphie des sondages a fait l'objet de recherches et de mises au point importantes dans tous les domaines, et de grands progrès ont été accomplis, nu cours des quatre dernières années. 1. La combinaison de SP, normale 16" et Inductolog 5FF40" est devenue d'une utilisation commerciale dans les sondages forés en boues douces. Un pcrfectionnernent de l'lnrluetdog actuel est en cours pour permettre une plus profonde investigation radiale. Le Latérolog a été modifié et complété pour enregistrer en même temps que I'InductoIog. Le "Proximity Log", un nouvel instrument pour la mesure de la résistivité des terrains au voisinage de la paroi, a été mis a

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