nsqistprl me in the prcparation of mv own article. hv C. Rarhier dc Meynrird ilricl l 'ci \el tlc Coiirtcillc, l'aris, 1861- (.i) In Araliira it is nnff, hut it i? sometimes vocalised as nifl 7 7). Vol. IV, p. 79.

It I $ possilile that the Arabs borrowed the word iron1 Ihr (12) Memoir on the Site of /lie il/ropo/c.nzan l<c/iÍiiot?o, II I Íirpdi Vol. X (p. 70) of the Journal of the Ro?)al C~o, qqraphicaZ Society (i;) Ser froicssor Herzfeld's arlicle in Thc \'of[ Aforln:inc., See also F. Spiegel's Emnische Allerthumslcunde (Leipzig, 1871- Vol. V.. Yovember, 1929. 8). Vol. I.. D. 1331. (3 Profcssor Herzfeld's Archarolorkml HiPlori, of Iron Ii.oiicion, I%(?)), p. 93. (8) The 18tc Professor Rarthold. in his ari rle 011 Rnl\ii in the E ncilci Ílt ~a ~dia of I ~ln ~n (1'07, I., p IÌfi!) ilritml The assiimp- ' N tion thnt the naphtha wells of Baltu with their << eternal fire the mountains to I\'hirzistnn (Susiana) and from fhence tfirouqli.

II played an important part in the fire -nor ~hip of Persia ... rests the province of Lurisfan to fPirrnanshah, i!! the ? / ear J83K'in o n no historical foiindationc; fire-norship nas not brought the doirrnul of fhe Ro?/aZ Geo.qraphicaZ soc^/?/ (Lonflon. lQ39). ' here till the XViIIth. rentiiry hv Indian., and Indian Parsees. Vol. IS. p. 53. Sir Henry only saw the riiiiis of the tcmple 1, Professor Herzfeld has however, informrtl me that mow recent from afar; he was iinahle lo visit iliciii Iicwiiisr nr Ihr wi 'y researches at Balm show that ihr iihov? datcment by Professor liiisettled conditions then prcviiilinz in Iiiat disl'i.ic4.

Rmthold is incorrect, (16) The Naft Magazine Vol. V, November, 1929. - 7 2 -

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