Currently, many operators, including some of the major industry leaders, are venturing into and taking advance of the Unconventional E&P business, however there are not an Unconventional Resource Assessment in Peru, South America.

The purpose of this work is to assess the Muerto Formation, which is presumed to be the main source rock for the Lancones Basin, Peruvian Northwest, as the First Unconventional Reservoir Play in this country. Being one of the main contributions adding value to the data of existing works since more than 100 years of hydrocarbon exploration; and making it possible with a minimum investment.

The general process starts with a compilation and analysis of existing bibliographic material on the area, which would help to mark off the study area and its relationship with the adjacent basins and Oil & Gas fields. After that, there was performed a screening taking in account expert opinion and the available data of geochemistry, field geology and ease of access to the area. Given the success of the First Phase, the seismic stratigraphic interpretation was continued, which generated an stratigraphic and structural model, aiming to know the geohistory of the Lancones Basin; and the geochemical interpretation of the data from outcrops and the well Abejas 1X, with which the geochemical properties of organic matter, thermal maturation and hydrocarbon abundance were evaluated, in order to determine the hydrocarbon potential of the source rock; and during all of the process, feedback was always made as more data was available. During the third and last phase for the purpose of this work, it was rebuilded the stratigraphic sequences by geohistory, in order to develop a burial model to determine the Kitchen extension and the Oil&Gas windows distribution.

This possible unconventional reservoir, is characterized as Platform and Talud marine deposits the Shale Gas Unconventional Deposits are usually from marine or lake sediments. However, organic matter can be found in distal or proximal sediments and in different sedimentary systems a marine deposit with different depositional sequences and environments. Therefore, its organic content, as well as lithology, changes across its areal and vertical distribution.


Muerto Formation is considered one of the primary source rocks at the prolific Talara basin Unconventional reservoirs has been winning a special interest in the eyes of the oil industry in recent decades; already in the in the last two decades, some shale formations were commercially exploited in the United States; but it was the advance of technology and the high prices of petroleum that allowed the rapid massification of these new hydrocarbon extraction techniques; quickly many countries joined the search for their shale reservoirs; however, in Peru the studies that are in existence were not recorded. Nowadays, in the Peruvian northwest there are prolific basins, so companies can take advantage of a large amount of data collected for exploration and drilling, select them and focus on the analysis of the possibility of unconventional reservoirs.

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