Application of drilling cuttings analysis for Unconventional and tight Conventional resource evaluation.

The mature shale is predominantly, stable and balanced formation under normal subsurface conditions. The shale properties that will be evaluated are the shale formation reaction on well intervention during drilling, fracking and hydrocarbon production.

The SAT – Shale Activity Test is based on Shale properties to absorb and inhibit the water during the test run on Drilling Cuttings Samples. This test is designed to imitate the processes of shale distortion during drilling and shale reaction on drilling mud boundary interface.

The shale reservoir, shale seal, and shale stability analysis will be based on SAT analysis and include the measured derived parameters obtained from proprietary kLab System analysis. The additional analyses that are used with SAT for Shale Oil and Frackabillity are not discussed in this paper. These include Component Density Analysis (DDA), Micro-granulometry analysis (MGA), Digital Petrography Analysis (DGA), Hydrocarbon analysis (HCA), Transient Drawdown Analysis (TDA), Digital Lithological Analysis (DLA), shale frame work analysis, fracture type and count, and fracture to volume conversions.

This paper will present the SAT methodology and principals with some application examples of shale stability and frackabillity.

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