A 180 square mile multi-component 3D survey was acquired in Noble, Pawnee and Payne counties, Oklahoma to characterize the Mississippian Lime and Woodford reservoirs for unconventional drilling. The Mississippian Lime is highly fractured, karsted and faulted. The underlying organic Woodford is more homogeneous. Porosities within the Woodford vary across the project area, ranging from 6 to 14 percent.

We recorded a comprehensive suite of logs in 5 pilot wells broadly distributed across the 180 square mile project area. We took a conventional core in the George 1–23 SWD well through a complete section of the Mississippi Lime and Woodford Shale and used the results to calibrate our Petrophysical models. We recorded a densely sampled multicomponent 3D Vertical Seismic Profile (3C3DVSP) at the same time as recording the surface 3D seismic. We also recorded 2 Microseismic surveys. One in a lateral landed in the Miss Lime and the second in a lateral landed in the Woodford.

The goal for the project was to define the reservoir with well control and then map these reservoir parameters across the project area using surface 3D seismic. The Petrophysical data and downhole seismic (3C3DVSP) were used to calibrate the surface 3D seismic, improving the fidelity and therefore the confidence in the results.

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