For about 2 decades financial indices have been tracking the performance of publicly traded companies in terms of its sustainability efforts as it impacts the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). This serves as both a qualitative and quantitative benchmark for investors who integrate sustainability considerations into their portfolios and provides an effective engagement platform for any firm profit or non profit, private or public who want to track performance. The oil and gas industry faces challenges from lowering CAPEX and OPEX while producing in a climate that is continuously under the scope of the public and investors. The challenge in the Exploration and Production supply chain is to fully understand and appreciate the proper definition of Sustainability and discover proper sustainability practices in areas such as:

  • Technology Qualification / Patented Technology

  • Optimization Projects

  • Safety

  • Quality

  • Design for Environment

  • Design for Reliability

This paper describes some industry best practices for interlinking sustainability into engineering performance while providing techniques and resources for any company, small or large, private or public, for profit or non profit to identify sustainability practices embedded in current performance practices in the life cycle of a project and it aids in identifying current practices in other industries for better TBL performance.

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