Indonesia according to research by Resource International Inc. Advance. (ARII) along with the Directorate General of Oil and Gas has potential reserves (resource) 453 TCF of CBM which is divided into 11 (eleven) basin on the island of Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Sulawesi. The results of CBM product is expected to be a solution to potential energy shortages Indonesia in the future relying on energy sources from oil and natural gas.

The utilization of CBM in Indonesia follows the fiscal term of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with a validity period of 30 years; 6 (six) to 10 (ten) years of the first period of exploration and 20 (twenty) to 24 (twenty four) years of production period, which will require a good planning for optimization of exploration drilling. It is expected the number of exploration wells commitment could provide sufficient reserves to get certified proved reserves that commercial and it can be used to process CBM gas sales.

Simulations conducted field in South Sumatra basin, Indonesia, with optimization of planning and determination of CBM exploration drilling locations, using the method of Gridding GIS spatial and overlay with geological maps, prospect area, land use and mine plan. With the optimization of the minimum number of exploration wells are expected to be certified proven reserves are economical and commercially that can be used for the development and sale of gas. To get a good view of the economic indicators of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), profitability index (PI) and Payback of Time (POT). Knowledge of reservoir characteristics and production optimization management of the number of drilling development wells during fiscal term contract with the production sharing contract will result in the economic development of CBM.

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