The assessment of the hydrocarbon potential in Colombia's Eastern Cordillera play uses a qualitative snapshot coupled with a quantitative analysis of this untapped unconventional opportunity. The project assesses the HC potential of the Chipaque Formation, an equivalent of the Upper Cretaceous La Luna. Both source rock and reservoir characteristics in this complex area were evaluated to produce a Total Play Fairway Analysis (TPFA). This best defines areas on which to focus exploration efforts while minimizing risk. The analysis is based on the integration of Triassic to Present-day events (rifting, post-rift marine and non-marine depositional phases) and complex uplift involving major thrust fault systems with significant amounts of eroded sections. The analysis is supported by cross sections and estimates of the amount of eroded thickness.

A conventional La Luna play with oil and gas is associated with production from Cretaceous and Tertiary sandy reservoirs in the nearby Los Llanos and Magdalena basins. Retained HCs remain as the unconventional play source. This unconventional play is defined as a self-sourced, low-permeability reservoir.

TOC assessment using logs coupled with the determination of nanoporosity development during thermal decomposition and HC generation are significant components for a successful evaluation of HC potential in the play. The TPFA combines the presence and effectiveness of the formation as a source rock and as a low permeability reservoir. Brittleness is assessed from the calculation of mechanical parameters. Calculation of generated HCs considers primary and secondary cracking of kerogen and retained oil. The method also considers the quantity and quality of the data in the determination of a numeric chance of success.

The results of this analysis feature composite risk maps of maturity, retained HCs, adsorbed gas, porosity and a preliminary brittleness evaluation that begin to define the potential for oil and shale gas in the Eastern Cordillera play.

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