Since complexity and high development costs seems to be an industry wide issue, Spatial Energy engaged with a client to document where the use of up-to-date high resolution imagery and digital elevation models would have a significant impact on their field operations. Together, we dug deep into their operational processes and were able to create a generalized workflow for spotting wells and siting well pads. We then worked with them to understand the kind of costs involved with these activities and to identify key areas within the workflow where an introduction of imagery and digital elevation models would provide a benefit. Together, we then calculated and verified the cost savings that could be captured.


We set out to prove that technical and operational challenges in shale resource development could be overcome by using high resolution imagery and elevation models in operational workflows and planning for well pad locations to increase operational efficiency and production, while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

This project sought to identify the key points along the workflow in which the introduction of remotely sensed data, namely high resolution DEMs and aerial imagery, reduces cost and maximizes operational efficiency.

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