Chesapeake Energy has grown reserves dramatically since 2005 due to increased production from unconventional reservoirs. This presentation will focus on organizational, workflow and technological drivers for this growth.


This presentation illustrates the role of Geoscience and Engineering Technology Groups and their interaction with operating and exploration teams at Chesapeake Energy. Three critical elements are necessary for success in unconventional horizontal plays. Technology and workflows required to determine these critical elements are covered. Chesapeake's Reservoir Technology Center and proprietary core analysis process is a key technology that makes Chesapeake unique. The data provided by the Chesapeake Reservoir Technology Center are used to construct engineering, geological, geophysical and petrophysical maps and models, which correlate to oil and gas production in unconventional reservoirs.

Chesapeake is organized by function and then by regional divisions reporting up through their respective functional Sr VPs. (Figure 1). The two technology groups, Engineering and Geoscience Technology evaluate and facilitate technology applications and best practices throughout the organization, review projects company wide and develop workflows to enhance the efficiency of the operating and exploration groups. (Figure 2). Figures 3 and 4 show the disiplines within the Engineering and Geoscience Technology Groups.

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