This paper presents a novel fracture geometry control technology used to increase proppant placement around infill wells and prevent fracture interference in unconventional completions in Williston basin. In simple terms the technology uses a far field diverter pumped ahead of the proppant ramp during hydraulic stimulation. The diverter bridges at fracture tip creating an impermeable plug restricting both fracture height growth and length propagation. The diverter is delivered through standard frac equipment keeping wellsite footprint unchanged and while offering operational simplicity. The effectiveness of the diverter, combined with simplicity of operation, makes this technology an excellent solution for the frequently encountered challenge of frac hits. In Williston basin operators are completing up to 20 laterals in every two square mile sections.

This paper presents an overview of the Williston basin and some of the solutions being implemented by operators to prevent frac hits. This will be followed by an introduction to fracture geometry control technology. Last, a case study of technology application is presented followed by conclusion and summary of lessons learnt from its application in the basin.

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