Development Practice

The area discussed lies south of Canadian River in Hutchinson County, Texas, covering approximately 10 miles east and west and 4 miles north and south.

Development is carried on in the manner usual in standard tool operations.No outstanding divergence from the usual methods is necessary as wells arecompleted in 35 to 55 days to approximately 3000 ft. Most of the time is lostin the upper part of the hole and is usually caused in driving pipe of largersizes. After approximately 1500 ft., little trouble occurs. A comparison of therecords of 13 contractors drilling for Phillips Petroleum Co. gave thefollowing averages: Drilling time from 32 to 63 days with a daily footage offrom 49 to 87 ft. per day. The rigs furnished are National turnbuckle type with6-in. irons and steel wheels.

Casing Used

The casing used in our No. 6 Coble, Section 13, Block Y, M &C Survey, Hutchinson County, is a fair example of average casing needs:


Wherever possible all large pipe is pulled after cementing either the 151/2-in. or 12 1/2-in. casing. In this particular well the 15 1/2-in. partedafter 460 ft. had been run. Shifting sands encountered at 210 ft. caused theparting, necessitating running 12 1/2-in. at 490 ft., 12 1/2-in. being drivento a total depth of 675 ft. where it was cemented with 50 sacks of cement and10 gal. of "Konset," leaving 10 ft. of cement in the casing and wasallowed to stand for 72 hours, thus making a complete shut-off.

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