The following example of the practical application of engineering geology isof interest in that it demonstrates the advantage of keeping accurate recordsof all wells, whether drilled by one's self or by others, together with theadvantage gained by gathering such data during the process of development. Thefault described was found in the autumn of 1915, during the hurried developmentcaused by the discovery of the famous Gusher Bend pool in Red River Parish, Louisiana. The writer was at the time employed by one of the operatingcompanies as geologist, and the example is a portion of the routine work.


The oil fields of northern Louisiana and east Texas are located in Caddo, Bossier, De Soto and Red River Parishes, Louisiana, and Marion County, Texas. Avery narrow strip of the eastern portion of the latter is productive. Theproducing oil pools are known as the Caddo Field, in the northern part, and theDe Soto-Red River Field, in the southern. The two fields are 60 miles apart.There are several gas fields between them, but no important supply of oil hasbeen found, though there are several producing wells in the Anona chalk, locally called the Chalk Rock, in the Elm Grove gas field in Township 16 North, Range 11 West (see Plate 1).

General Geologic and Structural Features

The general geology of northern Louisiana has been excellently described byA.C. Veatch in Professional Paper No. 46, U.S. Geological Survey; by G.D.Harris, Bulletin No. 429, U.S. Geological Survey; and later by George C. Matsonand Oliver B. Hopkins in Bulletins No. 619 and 661C, U.S. GeologicalSurvey.

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