In the latter part of the summer of 1913 the Conservation Com- mission ofthe State of Louisiana, under presidency of M: L. Alexander, decided to stopthe waste of natural gas going on at the "burning gas- well," Locatedabout 2 mile southeast of Oil City, La. On several occasions, both innewspapers and in reports, comment had been made on the condition of this well, its harmful effect on the Caddo gas field, and the considerable loss, estimatedat several thousand dollars each month, caused by the escape of the valuablefuel., But nothing had been done to bring the well under control and preventfurther waste of gas until the State Conservation Commission took the matter inhand.

The gas fields of Louisiana are among the greatest in the country. So far mostof the gas has been found in the Caddo field proper, although considerabledevelopment has been done in and around the city of Shreveport and near thetown of Mansfield in DeSoto parish. To ex- tend the life of the gas fields andto prevent the quick exhaustion of the supply of the natural fuel are mattersof vital importance for this section of the country.

Four gas companies have entered the Caddo field and supply the surroundingtowns and cities with gas. The Arkansas Natural Gas Co. has pipe lines toLittle Rock, Ark., and supplies gas to the following cities and towns in thatState: Texarkana, Hope, Garland, Emmet, Prescott, Boughton, Beirne, Gurdon, Arkadelphia, Gum Springs, Malvern, Donaldson, Gifford, Perla, Beaton, Beauxite, Mabelvale, Bryant, Sheridan, Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Argenta, Pulaski Heights, and Hot Springs. The Southwestern Gas &Electric Co. transports gas toMooringsport, Blanchard, Caddo, Rodessa, Oil City, Vivian, Bloomburg, Hosston, Ida, Dixie, Belcher, and Shreveport. The Marshall Gas Co. supplies gas to thetown of Marshall, Texas. The Louisiana Co. has a line to Shreveport.

In the oil field the gas is used for drilling purposes, and the operatorseither have their own gas system or buy from the gas companies.

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