This paper takes a short look ahead to illustrate what technological development may come about given a suitable economic environment.

It starts with a short review of the last five years to demonstrate the changes that have occurred and form a baseline for examining the future. The factors which shape the rate development are outlined together with the changing nature of subsea projects.

The potential for, and availability of subsea technology to meet the future demands and client needs are examined. This looks at specific parameters which are ensuring that functionality and cost reduction are achieved in a short time period. These address areas of drilling, process requirements, production equipment design, materials and construction methods, system configuration and engineering for installation Control system developments are addressed and recent and emerging ideas discussed in term of their potential Seabed power systems for increasing energy in production flows and providing power for working equipment and tools are addressed.

The conclusions provide an optimistic future for subsea developments and consider the need for widening market areas while maintaining centres for technological growth. The importance of engineering to reduce costs is emphasised.

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