The availability of a submersible support vessel, SSV1, will make a considerable impact on the offshore service industry. This chapter outlines how subsea wirelining may be performed from this unique new class of vessels The SSV requires no surface support and is therefore virtually weather-independent when operating in deep waters. Dynamic positioning rather than anchors will be used for station keeping, and a marine riser will not be required The use of a pressurized winch on the top of an 18m directly-coupled lubricator reduces operating problems and enhances safety. Norsub A/S in conjunction with Maritime Well Service A/S of Haugesund, has performed a thorough design evaluation of a wireline equipment package that can be interfaced with the norsub SSV. The result is a design suitable for.

  • all standard wireline operations;

  • electric line operations;

  • fishing operations.

The two companies have entered into an intention agreement, whereby they will jointly market and perform wireline services with the first Norsub ssv, which is planned to be available in 1992.


The trend towards subsea production equipment has highlighted the means and methods for maintenance of such installations. One area of particular interest is wirelining services. This chapter presents the results of a joint development work carried out by Maritime Well Services A/S and Norsub A/S, which is aiming at introducing subsea wireline services carried out from a submersible support vessel (SSV).

The background for this enterprise is a development project which was initiated by Kvaerner Subsea Contracting in 1985. In order to strengthen the technological basis for the project, a broad cooperation was established involving partners in Norway, W. Germany, France, Sweden and Finland. At an early stage, the- project was recognized by the joint European Research and Development programme (Eureka), which proved to be vital for the success of the project. So far the following companies(available in full paper) have joined the project. About 35 million Norwegian kroner (UKE 3 million) have been invested in the broad development programme. Earlier this year the conceptual development phase was successfully completed, and the technical feasibility and cost effectiveness of the system was clearly demonstrated. At present, continued development within specific areas, cost optimization and marketing is being executed. In 1987 Norsub A/S of Norway was established with the objective of realizing and developing further a Submersible Support System. The technological backing required for this demanding task is secured through the following group of owners(available in full paper):

The development and future operation of a Wireline Service Module required cooperation with an experienced wireline operator. An agreement was therefore signed with Maritime Well Service A/S, who are one of Norway's leading well service companies with long experience within wireline operation.


The idea of using full size, manned submarines for subsea intervention support, has attracted increasing interest during recent years.

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