Remember That Great Idea You Had Last Winter for the Subsea Sensor?

That idea, could be patentable and/or may be copyrightable, could be entitled to trademark protection, and possibly even entitled to trade secret protection in the United States But what do you have to do to get this protection?

This paper will

  1. Review a unique seven (7) step process for filing for patents which is faster and different than conventional filling techniques and includes

    Step 1- Write down a description of the idea

    Step 2- Decide on the strategy for patent filing

    Step 3- File the description of the idea at least as a provision patent application

    Step 4- Use Secrecy Agreements or ‘Non-Disclosure Ageements’

    Step 5- Work with the lawyer and finish in four (4) weeks

    Step 6- Review all patent claim types while drafting

    Step 7- Use the free United States Patent Office Website or the European Patent Office

    Website to view similar technology to your inventions

  2. The current statutory criteria under 35 U S C section 102 for inventions

  3. Post Filing Events - After the patent application is on file with the governmental agency

  4. Post Issuance Events - After the patent Issues as a monopoly

  5. Consider copyrighting the drawings after filing the patent

  6. Consider trademarking the invention

  7. Consider increasing the trade secret protection for the invention

I. A Unique Seven (7) Step ProcessM
Step 1: Describe the Idea

Describe the idea of the sensor and all is parts and how it works, consider using an invention disclosure form to make the process easier

Invention Disclosure Form

To help track new ideas, please provide the following information, attacking additional sheets as Needed

  1. Enter the title of your invention

  2. Describe your invention Attach more thorough documentation, such as source code, research reports, engineering drawings, sketches, flow charts, or the patent being improved upon (if available) Provide history of the development on separate sheets and attach Please list all end-uses of the invention

  3. Enter the following information for each invention (The Table is available in full paper)

  4. Please provide a flow diagram of your process 0i a sketch of your device or formula, or a diagram providing the steps of your software invention on a separate sheet Please list each part or step For processes, please provide at least 3–6 sentences describing each step For components that are commercially available, please list the supplier, part number and address of supplier.

  5. It is very important to describe how you believe the invention is different from what was being done before. Please provide a brief description of how the invention differs from known technology.

  6. List any publication or patent you know of that you believe disclose technology closely related to your invention, Attach copies of each item if available.

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