From October 2003 until March 2007 a large integrated study was performed in the Study Centre of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to develop (waterflood) field development plans for a cluster of 23 fields. The study effort was conducted by a large multi disciplinary study team and several man-years of the total study effort were spent in petrophysics. In this paper we will present an overview of the learnings of the petrophysical study in this multi-disciplinary context. The key learnings are the following:

  • Ensure that petrophysical uncertainties are understood in the context of other subsurface uncertainties.

  • Ensure that the regional petrophysical picture is understood to position every part of the study effort within this regional picture.

  • Coring, core analysis and the embedding of core data can be sped up significantly through careful co-operation with all stakeholders.

  • Ensure that rigorous uncertainty estimates are provided for those petrophysical parameters that impact the development decisions.

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