With today's data communication technology to transfer LWD data into our offices, Geologists and Reservoir Engineers can make their decisions live.

The real-time acquisition of three LWD images, Resistivity Density-Gamma Ray, with high data rate telemetry and transfer of this information to our offices has revolutionized while-drilling decision making.

High speed telemetry services allow us to either add more FE and dynamics tools to the drilling BHA and/or increase data transfer to surface without lowering the drill rate. This reduces the need for further wireline services and helps in acquiring better images with higher resolution, thus achieving better live decisions on wellbore integrity and well placement.

The smooth image data transfer to our offices help in making better decisions on the well while drilling for better sweep efficiency, placing wells correctly in the field, improve the EOR, and set up precisely for perforation and well stimulation processes. Real time geologic interpretations become a valid part in well bore design and placement process.

In this paper, LWD imaging, the new technology to encode and transfer LWD data live is addressed, along with the workflow to take effective decisions on a well.

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